Tips for Stress – Free Thanksgiving Cooking

Summer is here but before long the sunny days will change to welcome the changing of colors in nature. This in turn signals one of the much awaited holidays of the year.
Thanksgiving. And what is the most anticipated part of Thanksgiving Day but the food. For some, cooking during Thanksgiving is a very stressful ordeal. Imagine cooking an extra large bird while having to create other things like mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies. But you don’t have to stress about Thanksgiving cooking.

Here are some tips to make your Thanksgiving cooking stress free:

1. Make your menu two weeks ahead Many people get stressed about Thanksgiving because they don’t think about what to cook until the day itself. To avoid this hassle, you should plan way before Thanksgiving week. This allows you also to shop early to eliminate the need to keep returning to the store for last-minute supplies.

2. Cook ahead of time Thanksgiving Day itself is stressful with all the guests arriving and decors to be made. Not all the foods need to be prepared on that day itself so why cook the day before. A few days before Thanksgiving, look at your menu and see which foods can be cooked ahead of time. Assign which days to prepare these foods so during the big day you are left with fewer things to deal with.

3. Measure ingredients in advance For those foods that you really have to cook on Thanksgiving Day, you can make preparations easier by measuring the ingredients ahead of time. The night before, get out your measuring cups and spoons and place the ingredients in containers so that the next day you can cook as if you are a star of a cooking show where everything is ready.

4. Delegate If you belong to a big family that has everyone over for Thanksgiving, you can take advantage of the size of your brood. Assign your siblings, uncles, aunts, parents or other relatives with certain foods or courses so that the work load won’t be put upon one person. It also creates a sense of pride to present something to the family.

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a stressful event. When it comes to cooking, you can make your life easier if you plan ahead. Try these tips and see how thankful you can be on this day of gratitude.