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Molasses Refrigerator Muffins

Ingredients and Instructions 4 c Unbleached Flour, Sifted 2 ts Baking Soda 1 ts Salt 1 ts Ground Cinnamon 1 ts Ground Ginger 1/4 ts Ground Cloves 1/4 ts Ground Allspice 1/4 ts Ground Nutmeg 1 1/3 c Vegetable Shortening 1 c Sugar 4 ea Large Eggs, Slightly Beaten 1 c Molasses 1 c Butter/Sour […]

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Lace Cookies/Lemon-Buttercream Filling

Ingredients and Instructions Filling: 2 ts Cornstarch 2 tb Fresh lemon juice 4 Egg yolks; room temp 1/4 c Sugar 10 tb Unsalted butter; * see note 1 ts Finely grated lemon peel Cookie dough: 3/4 c Sugar 3/4 c Oats; quick cooking 3/4 c All-purpose flour; u -nbleached 1/2 ts Baking powder 10 tb […]

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Asparagus Cheesy Pancetta Biscuits

Ingredients 2 1/4 cup(s) all purpose baking mix 2/3 cup(s) whole milk butter milk {more if needed} 2 cup(s) aged cheddar, grated 2 tbsp herb butter, cut in small pieces 1/2 cup(s) asparagus, sliced and blanched 6 slice(s) pancetta, cooked and crumbled Directions 1. Mix ingredients together in a mixing bowl 2. Roll biscuit mixture […]

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